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Birthday Week: Lippy Faves

Hey beauty lovers!
I'm turning the scary 3-1 this coming Sunday and I am starting to feel the effects of age. Don't laugh, it's true... I was one of those lucky teens who never had pimples, breakouts and acne growing up. But now I am starting to notice the need to take good care of my skin. So for the next five days, I am going to go through my beauty and makeup routine with y'all covering: (1) cleansers/au natural beauty, (2) foundation/bronzer, (3) eyes, (4) lips and (5) a peak inside my purse.
For our first post, we're going to focus on my all-time favorite beauty product and probably the only one I wear on a consistent basis... lipstick. Isn't there something sexy and confident about dabbing on a hint of color? Someone when I was a child said I had rosebud lips and while you might laugh (sure, I laugh often at the title) but who doesn't want to accentuate and draw focus to their best asset? And hey, lips aren't just for kissing... they are also good for smiling and hiding a secret.
So what is in my beauty box?
My lippy collection is as eclectic as me and range from your drug store variety (Revlon) to high street brands such as Shu Uemura and Laura Mercier.
 For today's review, I am focusing on three of my current favorites.
Makeup Forever is an ultra creamy, moisturizing, and fragrant lippy manufactured in Paris, France. The lipstick keeps my lips hydrated through the day and gives me the shine I love for an au natural look without looking like I am trying too tough.
Product Details:
Brand: Make Up For Ever
Color: N34 (Candy Pink)
Price: $20 (Sephora)

Next up: Laura Mercier
I use "Just Lips" (I don't believe it is still available unfortunately) but I believe their Sheer Lip Colour (Tender Lips) is a close 2nd if you're looking for a similar shade. Again, this is a hydrating lipstick (why settle for second best when you have the option of hydrating lipstick?) and does not bleed or get on my teeth (yay!).
Product Details:
Brand: Laura Mercier
Color: Just Lips (Discontinued)
Price: Sephora ($24-27) Harrods (£19-21)

Up Next: Shu Uemura
Shu Uemura is probably my favorite. I use the "Rogue Unlimited Supreme Shine" in Soft Pink (SS PK 340). There is the perfect amount of color, shine, and moisture. So when I don't want to bother with makeup, I can dab on some Shu Uemura and feel beautified just so without breaking from my natural look.
And if I am going out for a night on the town or a more special occasion, I can use Shu Uemura's "Rogue Unlimited" in Deep Rich Red (185).
The lippy is not as dramatic/startling as the other reds I have used (see my Valentine's Day review here) and is moisturizing and when you wipe it off won't leave a red stain on your lips (don't you hate that?).
So what do you think? Do you use any of these lovely brands for yourself?