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Birthday Week: Eyes

Hey beauty lovers!
I'm turning the scary 3-1 this coming Sunday and I am starting to feel the effects of age. Don't laugh, it's true... I was one of those lucky teens who never had pimples, breakouts and acne growing up. But now I am starting to notice the need to take good care of my skin. So for the next five days, I am going to go through my beauty and makeup routine with y'all covering: (1) cleansers/au natural beauty, (2) foundation/bronzer, (3) eyes, (4) lips and (5) a peak inside my purse.

For our second post, we're going to focus on my second favorite beauty product... eye makeup. I have the classic almond shaped Asian eyes, barely there eyelashes, and my mum used to joke when I was a kid that it didn't look like I could see when I smiled because my eyes would 'disappear'. :D
 For today's review, I am focusing on my daily routine - simple and classic.
First, I use Rimmel's Exaggerate: Waterproof Eye Definer (Color: 230, Deep Ocean). In high school, I was taught that to help accentuate almond-shaped Asian eyes, you need to line the lower lash line two-thirds of the way and the upper lash line one-third of the way thus opening up the eye.
 Secondly, I use another drug store favorite, Covergirl, to add some definition to my eyelids. I have used Covergirl's Smoky Shadow Blast (since discontinued but still available on Amazon for a fab $3.31!) for so long that the tube is cracking and despite the drug store brand, it is my all time favorite eye shadow - the ease of application is unbelievable and the color (I only use Step 1) is perfectly subtle and adds just the right amount of color needed in keeping with my au natural preferred look.
Lastly, if I am feeling frisky I will use an additional shadow and use my i.d. Bare Escentuals Soft Focus Eyeshadow brush ($22) that is perfect for the understated look. Their brushes are uber soft - love the feel against my skin. Today's eye shadow was Boot's Stay Perfect - again it's an excellent choice for an understated look with the right amount of shimmer and the price can't be better.
previous day - using Rimmel's eyeliner/no eye shadow
I have a wide variety of eye shadows in my makeup bag but when it comes to a day-to-day au natural look, these three products do wonders IMO. What are your favorite products?