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American Idol: The Latest Gimmick

This past week, American Idol added a new gimmick in a likely attempt to boost ratings.
What am I talking about? The Fan Save, of course. I had not heard of the fan save before watching the show at 8pm PST this past week and my guess is that I was not in the minority.

So we go through the show, featuring Kelly Clarkson, and it comes down to the bottom 2 - sweet boy Daniel and talented crooner Rayvon. Having not heard any spoilers, I cannot describe my anxiety at the idea that the tweens and Daniel fangirls could keep dragging him through week after week meaning favorites such as Adanna had to go home too early (imo). The crazy thing was not being able to participate in the fan save because I had no previous knowledge of the gimmick.
Thankfully the East coast fans and anyone else who was able to vote on Twitter, made the right choice and voted to save Rayvon. My faith in the American Idol fans has thankfully been restored. Daniel is a talented and adorable young boy but he's been out of his element since Day 1.

So, what does everyone think of this new gimmick? It will be interesting to see how long the producers use this new gimmick. If this was a fan save that all Americans could participate in, perhaps things would be different but it is impossible that everyone would be able to participate. The save happens at approximately 9:50 p.m. EST so that's 6:50 p.m. PST and 3:50 p.m. HST. Many people in the States are still at work or on the road headed home when the save happens. Also, is it fair that anyone not seeing the show live has to have the show spoiled (knowing who is in the bottom 2) before they have the chance to see it? It will be interesting to see how this works for the rest of the season...

Onwards to the two best performances of the night... Clark Beckham (who performed last before the save - talk about nerve wrecking having to wait to see his chair turn green) and Jax. I have been a fan of several of these talented contestants since the beginning (my other favorites include: the newly engaged Joey (congrats!), the latest save - Rayvon, Quentin, and Nick) but two have stepped up last night and proven themselves to be the front-runners of the show.
It was interesting talking to my mum who said (and I agree with her) that when Clark begins to sing that's when those "move star good looks" that JLo is always talking about shine through. His voice is incredible, one you could listen to forever and would sell many albums - just look how well his latest single charted on iTunes.
Jax on the other hand has an incredible stage presence and a truly unique and individual voice/talent that draws your attention and tugs on your heart strings. She wowed Kelly Clarkson and the judges and continues to make me fall in love with her voice.

The remaining Top 8 is a truly talented group but I fear the next two going home will be Quassim (who's facial expressions are really starting to get on my nerves, lol, making me wonder if he really is the ultimate performer) and Tyanna (who sings well but can be a bit forgettable). We shall see.
So who are your favorites? What are your thoughts on the fan save? And who do you think is in risk of going home next?