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Clarks: Sandals Season!

Last Saturday, my folks treated me to a brand new pair of sandals (thank you guys!!) and I am in love.
I received a pair of Clarks Skiff Cayman sandals (Off Broadway Shoes) in size 8.  
(c) The Joyous Living
For me, a sandal has to fit 3 requirements:
1. Comfort!
2. Added height
3. Cuteness Factor

These sandals fit all 3 perfectly. The sandal has a 1.5" wedge height and the charming flowers on the leather strap adds just the right amount of cuteness without being too girly or gaudy. 

As for comfort, they blow other sandals out of the water. I have had difficultly walking these past few months and could probably double as a drunk or very old civilian when out and about (no joke!) but these shoes are like a second skin and I find myself feeling more assured and steady when walking. (Also, they are a medium width (acc. to Clarks) and my wide feet fit in these sandals perfectly.)

These specific sandals are not SS15 but you can find them at your local Off Broadway Shoes retailer or online at Amazon. BUT if you must have a pair of this season's darlings - 
here are just a few of my favourites from the website (in alphabetical order):
(c) Clarks, 2015

What is your favourite sandal brand? Happy Spring!