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Beauty: Spring Hydrating Beauty

We've sure been having some toasty warm and dry days here in Southern California of late. Happy Springtime! While that is wonderful for soaking in some Vitamin D and luxurious strolls around the block, that also means our skin can become dry, flaky and need a good beauty treatment. What I am about to suggest can be done using any assortment of oil and body lotion. However, for the purpose of this review, I am using Rhada Beauty's Fractionated Coconut OilVita Science's Maxasorb B12 cream (on the wrists) and Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion.
  1. After a hot bath or shower, pat yourself dry before squirting a liberal amount of the oil on your skin. It is best to do this in the bathroom where the oil won't be likely to fall on any clothes or furniture.
  2. Squirt out and massage a liberal portion of lotion onto your oiled skin.
It is as simple as that! Two steps and you'll have the softest, silkiest and best hydrated of skin!

On days like today when the sun is at its highest and you're able to lounge out in the garden with a book and the beloved dog, you'll be doing yourself and your skin a great favor to keep it hydrated.

If you are lacking energy and suffering from fatigue, such as me, I have to recommend Vita Sciences! You are to use one pump daily of the pink lotion onto the inside of your wrist. This will allow for a decided increase in energy, a relaxing fragrance (not too distracting), and well hydrated skin without the greasy after affect. Just do NOT use the lotion too close to bedtime or it might keep you awake at night.

On Amazon, the lotion is $19.95 and at one pump a day it is likely to last a long while making it worth your money.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a body lotion to use as part of this hydrating treatment - I would happily suggest Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion. It is niether greasy nor expensive and will keep your skin moist and hydrated all day long.

As for the Rhada Beauty coconut oil, it is messy on application so best to keep it away from clothes and furniture but useful for hydrating and preparing your skin for moisturizing and is 100% coconut oil without any additives. Johnson's Baby Oil is

So what are you waiting for? Pamper your skin and enjoy this amazing sunshine!

Disclaimer: I was graciously offered the Rhada Beauty and Vitamin Sciences products gratis in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own though.


  1. Your hair is looking fabulous, Joy! Jealous of the California sun - we're not quite there yet in London!




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