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American Idol: Top 10 Recap

What a night!
Tonight the Top 10 went to the movies and with the enormous catalogue of amazing numbers it was a mixed kettle of fish.
SPOILER ALERT: If you have yet to see the episode stop reading and go turn on American Idol.

Now for my rant and the reason why I am writing my first ever American Idol recap --
I know that fame and celebrity partially relies upon looks and the cuteness/hotness factor. It is a fact of life. However, when cute little boys like Daniel Seavey gets to stay week after week despite mediocre performances. Take for instance his rendition of Adam Levine's Lost Stars -- it was horrendous! The judges were generous with their critiques and the girls who vote on the show keep putting him through over more talented and deserving contestants such as last week's Sarina-Joi and this week's Qaasim, but more on that later.

On to tonight's best performances (in no particular order):
Nick Fradiani, Qaasim Middleton, and Clark Beckham gave tonight's strongest male performances.

Nick took a self-proclaimed risk with his rendition of "Danger Zone" from Top Gun and although Harry Connick, Jr. said that he chose the wrong song, I thought it was one of the stronger and more solid performances of the night. 

Qaasim (spoiler: the save of the season) gave 500% of himself in his performance of "Come Together" from Across the Universe. While I admired his strong performance - he is a performer first, singer second - I sometimes find his hard persona and facial expressions difficult to watch. I wonder if that is one of the reasons he took the lowest number of votes this week? He definitely deserved more votes than Daniel S. but I find myself wondering if I would ever buy his album and that's the whole point of American Idol, right? A record contract. 

And then there was tonight's best performance - Clark's "Sunday Morning" from Cheaper by the Dozen II. Clark is one of those performers that shines and morphs from the boy next door into a superstar when performing on stage. It is always fun to watch him perform live and tonight's performance allowed him to show his sensitive side with acoustic guitar and sharp/strong vocals. I believe it was Harry Connick, Jr. who said he "knocked it out of the park" and so true! Tonight, Clark made himself a top contender for the top prize. 

And as for the girls, my two favourites (since the first episode) are still singing strong and showing their great personality and quirkiness.  They are both strong singers AND performers wrapped up in the perfect package, not to mention they are adorable and you just want to hug them.

First up was Joey Cook with "Mad World" from Donnie Darko. After Adam Lambert's show-stopping version in 2010, the decision to sing this song is a huge risk but Joey held her own and showed a totally different side of herself that I believe will endear her to even more audience members. I could imagine this song on her debut album.

Jax was the last one to make it into the Top 10 (before Qaasim's save) with her adorable version of "I Want To Grow Old With You" from Wedding Singer. Her number was adorable (did I say that already?), vulnerable, quirky, and endearing showing the judges and America just why she was saved and made it into the Top 10.

What a night! A theme that should have provided us with some truly memorable and wonderful performances was bordering on a nightmare. Thankfully these fabulous five performers brought some  joy and fabulousness to the evening making it worth watching.

Favourite moments from the judges:
*When Keith Urban said that Moulin Rouge was his favourite movie soundtrack = Cute Husband Award.
*When Harry Connick, Jr. voiced his disappointment about the lack of stellar performances and started to sweat = Honest Judge Award.
*When the gorgeous and talented JLo lit up the stage with her gorgeous song and dress singing from her new movie soundtrack, Home = Talented Judge Award.

What did you all think? Who were your favourites?

GO AND VOTE! And make some noise because next week Boy George is the guest mentor (:)) and we visit the 80's!