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Winter Bliss: Dragonfly Tea and Girl Scout Cookies

It's the 11th of February and the Santa Ana winds are whipping through the trees and my hair. So what better to do but brew a cuppa and indulge in one of this season's best temptations -- Girl Scout Cookies
Back in November when I got sick and had to come back to California to recover (having some really good days of late!), I was offered a chance to test and review Dragonfly Tea but the teas literally arrived the day before I flew home to CA and doctor visits and recovery took precedence but no longer. Feeling not half bad today, I wanted to share with y'all my findings and opinions about this organic tea company so sit down, grab your own cuppa and maybe a biscuit or two. ;)

Dragonfly Tea is a family owned British company that prides themselves on their pure teas and support the concept of "slow tea" in this fast-paced society in which we dwell.  They offer over a dozen flavours to choose from including their two Chai flavours -- Cape Malay Chai which I tried today and Indian Spice Chai that I tested a week ago. The teas come in boxes of 20 individually wrapped sachets and at competitive prices (averaging £2.00). The strength of each flavour ranges from 'mediocre' to 'delightful' so I can only share about the two I have tried thus far. Indian Spice Chai I find is too weak and bland for my personal tastes with very few spices coming through.  Cape Malay Chai is on the other hand delightful and bursting with flavours. To each their own, right? Thankfully at the given price tag of £2.00 one can afford to taste test a few before finding their choice favourite.
And of course a biscuit (or in this case, a Girl Scout Cookie) is a perfect compliment to a cuppa of Dragonfly Tea. What are some of your favourite teas?

Disclaimer: I was graciously offered my tea for free but the opinions are all my own. Thanks to Rosanna and Tea Time Trading Ltd. for the samples. Unfortunately the cookies were not gratis but who can complain at $4.00 a box?