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Super Bowl Commercials

It is Super Bowl Sunday and that means some great and horrid commercials...

What are your favourites? Seems that sentimentality is the overall theme this year as is perfectly demonstrated by such commercials as:

Microsoft #empowering 
You had me at the real story of that sweet looking boy and I'm an Apple girl.

Dove #realstrength
I am such a sucker for anything 'dad' - a caring and loving dad is so sexy. An honourable mention to Toyota for their dad commercial too.

Some darling commercials can just as easily fail because of ambiguity or the unexpected heaviness. Two examples are:

McDonalds #paywithlovin
Another charming one featuring mum this time but a big question mark looms - how exactly does one pay with lovin???

Nationwide #makesafehappen
That boy was so adorable! I was loving it with references to cooties and baam the twist... Too depressing for a Super Bowl game.