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History: Sons of Liberty

Tonight we are half way through History Channel's Sons of Liberty. Thanks to Roku and History Channel, I was able to catch up on last night's first part of this mini-series starring Ben Barnes and Ryan Eggold. 3.3 million viewers tuned in last night according to Deadline that seems to be a rather low turnout. It is rather unfortunate given all the heavy amount of advertisements since the 1st of September 2014.
(c) History Channel
So what did I think? It was not half bad for a historically fictitious mini-series. Given that the trailer featured rock favourite, Paint it Black, I was not sure how modern the series would be. Thankfully costumes, hair, locations etc. were quite accurate and any historical inaccuracies were downplayed and forgiven due to the great set of actors who breathed life into some of history's most well known characters. The only faults I could find were that John & Abigail Adams were portrayed as a tad too worldly and John Hancock too foppish. The true stars of the show's first night were Sam Adams (Prince Caspian's Ben Barnes) and Dr. Joseph Warren (The Blacklist's Ryan Eggold). Their bromance is spot-on and quite adorable and lets be honest who doesn't love a good bromance?

West Coasters, part two airs tonight on History Channel and if you enjoy good television, historical fiction and solid acting tune in!