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MLPR SS15: Seasalt Cornwall

29 January 2015

It may be chilly outside today but aren't you just dying to take out those spring dresses and lighter materials? At the MLPR SS15 press day, I was especially captivated and fell in love with the fresh, cheerful and playful prints and designs from Seasalt Cornwall Clothing.

History: Sons of Liberty

26 January 2015

Tonight we are half way through History Channel's Sons of Liberty. Thanks to Roku and History Channel, I was able to catch up on last night's first part of this mini-series starring Ben Barnes and Ryan Eggold. 3.3 million viewers tuned in last night according to Deadline that seems to be a rather low turnout. It is rather unfortunate given all the heavy amount of advertisements since the 1st of September 2014.
(c) History Channel

LA Foodie: Paul Martin's

15 January 2015

Pardon the tardiness of this post and the iPhone photos but I had to share with y'all about the great find I discovered on Christmas Eve. My dad treated my mum, my aunt and uncle, and myself to a Christmas Eve dinner at Paul Martin's American Grill in Westlake Village. I had never been before and was delighted to enjoy a great meal out (my first true dinner out since getting sick) with loved ones and Paul Martin's did not disappoint!
Dinner Menu
Because it was Christmas Eve, there was a seasonal menu offered in addition to their traditional dinner menu.
Seasonal Dinner Menu
As a starter, I shared a bowl of their dinner menu's roasted butternut squash soup with my dad (it was served - without our need to ask - in 2 individual cups). The shared portions were perfect as a starter and both my dad and I raved to our table-mates that this was the best butternut squash anything we'd ever had. De-Lic-Ious! Spoon licking good.
For my entree, I chose a truly divine grilled lamb sirloin from the seasonal menu. The meat was perfectly tender and melted in the mouth. I felt like I had come in from the Sahara and was being treated to a great feast.
Who really leaves room for dessert? But it was Christmas Eve and we all decided to get two puddings to share with plenty of spoons. First up was the Pear Huckleberry Crisp --- A++++ --- this was scrumptious and everyone at the table was happily diving in for another scoop or two of this yumminess.
We also tried their Devil Food's Cake which was as you might expect -- very chocolatey! Good chocolate, at that! However, it was also extremely rich and we could only manage a spoonful each. The whipped cream garnish was much needed but it was a pity it was not a larger scoop of whipped cream. ;)
All in all, it was a most delightful evening out with family on Christmas Eve enjoying some truly scrumptious dishes. If you are ever near a Paul Martin's American Grill --7 locations in California and 1 in Scottsdale, AZ -- and hankering for a special treat, I would highly recommend a visit! 
The ambiance is laid back with a large bar - great for getting a drink or two before meeting your party, modern furnishings and extremely friendly and helpful wait staff. Reservations can be made online or by phoning ahead.

For the Westlake Village location:
Address: 100 South Westlake Blvd., Westlake Village CA 91362 (in the Promenade)
Dinner Entree Cost: $14-$40
Phone: 805-373-9300 (Reservations allowed)
The Joyous Living's Rating: 4/4 stars

Speedway Clothing: MLPR SS15

14 January 2015

Hola! Hello! Bonjour! 

In November 2014, I was invited to the MLPR SS15 press preview in Central London and gladly attended where I was immediately drawn to the soft and extra-comfortable Speedway Clothing brand. Speedway Clothing has been around since the mid 1980s and is a British heritage Sport Luxe brand made exclusively in England. Anyone who knows the brand will have to agree that their sportswear is some of the softest and most comfortable, made to last.
At the show, I was fortunate and grateful to receive a sample Boyfriend T-shirt in lavendar. The shirt can be found here for £56.00 (free shipping in the UK). On the label is written "Speedway Clothing gets better with time. Garret dyed to give that wonderful lived in feel. The colour gently fades with time to achieve that vintage look that says you're wearing A Speedway Classic." Having been home ill for the last two months, I have been lounging around the house in an unusual number of sportswear outfits -- it's all about comfort and a cuppa when you're sick, yes? :)
I have truly fallen in love with my Boyfriend T-Shirt from Speedway Clothing. The shirt is the most comfortable and effortless t-shirt in my collection and sometimes I even forget I am wearing anything it is so super comfortable, relaxed and simple! And I must have washed the t-shirt a dozen times and the colour has held well! Teamed with a pair of skinny jeans or sweat pants it doesn't matter -- this shirt effortlessly can coordinate. 
I cannot more highly recommend a look through Speedway Clothing's website and catalogue. If you are looking for well made Sports Luxe wear that has been designed and made in England, this is a must check out brand. While it's taken a while to post because of my vision problems/post viral fatigue, this one well deserves your attention. More catching up on posts soon...
What are some of your favourite SS15 fashions?
Thanks again to Speedway Clothing and MLPR for the complimentary boyfriend t-shirt. My opinions are all my own.

Food Review: Marmalade Cafe

02 January 2015

Happy 2015! I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years. Mine was spent lounging around the house with my doggy and daddy and the most amazing heating pad (thanks mummy!) while watching old episodes of Person of Interest on Amazon. But now for some food reviews!! Feeling better with energy means getting to go out and enjoy dinner with the family. Tonight dad treated everyone to dinner at Marmalade Cafe in Westlake Village, CA.
Marmalade Cafe has 8 locations in Southern California including Westlake Village at the Promenade where we ate tonight. The family previously visited this location for Easter brunch and I can attest to the fact that their Eggs Benedict is delicious. Tonight - with the waiter's encouragement - I ordered their Chicken Pot Pie. Sounded good on a cold night like tonight. While it looked lovely and delicious (see photos below) it was sadly quite disappointing from start to finish. :Insert Sad Face:
The Chicken Pot Pie description reads:
"naturally raised chicken with carrots, onions, red-skinned potatoes, mushrooms and sweet peas, simmered until tender in cream and herbs, served in a flaky pastry bowl."
Unfortunately the dish was bland and the only flavourful bite came when I ate the parsley leaf with some chicken and carrots. I kept expecting to taste the herbs and was continually coming up short. When I got to the flaky pastry bowl which looked tempting and appetising I again found it wanting in taste and more so was disappointed to find the provided knife and fork could not cut through the pastry meaning I had to break the wet (and messy) pastry by hand.
What a bummer... I asked my dad to remind me not to order this dish again next time and wanted to warn anyone else who might venture out to Marmalade Cafe and be hankering for some comfort food in this cool January weather. On a positive side, my dad raved about his PARMESAN CRUSTED SNAPPER and my mum likewise said that her SEARED BLACKENED AHI WITH NAPPA SLAW was delicious.
So... Would I recommend a visit?
The service was mediocre for a moderately crowded restaurant. Our server might have been friendly, had an engaging smile and not been bad on the eyes but he messed up my drink order and disappeared for long stretches of time. Glasses were left empty and we had to hail someone down if we wanted a refill. Dishes were delivered promptly though.
The ambiance is nice enough for any sized group whether an intimate date or a large party as was the case at the table behind us.
The prices are mid-range and can accommodate any price range.
So sure, if you luck out getting a good server and a dish you can rave about, Marmalade Cafe might be just the place for you and yours to try out... I would probably recommend brunch over dinner but perhaps it was just the Chicken Pot Pie that needs to be skipped as the two fish dishes seemed to be hits with my folks. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!


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