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I try to refrain from ever writing a negative review but sometimes the (lack of) customer service and integrity of a company makes my blood boil and demands a warning to others who might be interested in the product/company.

This here is one of those moments. I was referred by a friend to Wowcher's deal for an hour long massage from Nature's Way, a self-proclaimed holistic treatment centre in St. John's Wood. Needing a massage at the time, I signed up for Wowcher and bought the massage thinking it would be relaxing and helpful. Unfortunately my experience with Nature's Way has been anything but relaxing and helpful. I strongly urge friends and readers NOT to visit Nature's Way.

My story...
In order to make an appointment you must call their hotline after noon. I tried on three occasions to call them for an appointment and each time there was no answer nor was their an option to leave a voicemail. By the fourth time I called I just wanted to get this ordeal over with and finally got through to a human being who told me that the massage therapists were all out sick (all?) and that there would be no appointment available for at least two weeks. I was on a deadline because of my Wowcher so I booked an appointment for two weeks out and jotted the time in my diary.
24 hours before my appointment, I needed to reschedule and called the hotline again getting neither a human response nor a voicemail. Wanting to make sure I gave the company their due 24 hours notice, I resorted to email and texting. Again no reply. Still I believed I had given them ample notice as was required. On my Wowcher the fine print said that a 24-hour cancellation policy applied. That said, I was taken back when I received a belated reply by text from Nature's Way stating:
"We need 48 hours for the change or cancellation."
Nothing else was said. Irked, I replied both by text and e-mail with a copy of my Wowcher pointing out the 24-hour cancellation policy as listed. No reply. I tried calling and again no answer to my phone calls. It has been a week now since I was supposed to have my appointment and since my attempts at contacting the company and still no reply. I looked at Wowcher and see that the wowcher has been redeemed which is a lie because I did not have an appointment and cancelled with ample time according to the fine print. I am waiting to hear from Wowcher to see if they will redeem themselves and fix this mess-up but I strongly urge all my friends and readers NOT to visit Nature's Way. Their company's customer service is lacking. 
My friend who did keep her appointment said it was one of the most UN-relaxing experiences ever with the therapist and receptionist arguing in front of customers and them not giving her the entire 60 minute massage as was advertised.
Again I hate writing negative reviews but sometimes the service is so horrid that a review must be written to warn others. Do not waste your money.
And if you know of a reputable massage company in London please share.


  1. Honesty is always the best policy if they are unprofessional I am sure many who read this will value your view and won't waste their time Lucy


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