13 November 2014


I try to refrain from ever writing a negative review but sometimes the (lack of) customer service and integrity of a company makes my blood boil and demands a warning to others who might be interested in the product/company.

This here is one of those moments. I was referred by a friend to Wowcher's deal for an hour long massage from Nature's Way, a self-proclaimed holistic treatment centre in St. John's Wood. Needing a massage at the time, I signed up for Wowcher and bought the massage thinking it would be relaxing and helpful. Unfortunately my experience with Nature's Way has been anything but relaxing and helpful. I strongly urge friends and readers NOT to visit Nature's Way.

My story...
In order to make an appointment you must call their hotline after noon. I tried on three occasions to call them for an appointment and each time there was no answer nor was their an option to leave a voicemail. By the fourth time I called I just wanted to get this ordeal over with and finally got through to a human being who told me that the massage therapists were all out sick (all?) and that there would be no appointment available for at least two weeks. I was on a deadline because of my Wowcher so I booked an appointment for two weeks out and jotted the time in my diary.
24 hours before my appointment, I needed to reschedule and called the hotline again getting neither a human response nor a voicemail. Wanting to make sure I gave the company their due 24 hours notice, I resorted to email and texting. Again no reply. Still I believed I had given them ample notice as was required. On my Wowcher the fine print said that a 24-hour cancellation policy applied. That said, I was taken back when I received a belated reply by text from Nature's Way stating:
"We need 48 hours for the change or cancellation."
Nothing else was said. Irked, I replied both by text and e-mail with a copy of my Wowcher pointing out the 24-hour cancellation policy as listed. No reply. I tried calling and again no answer to my phone calls. It has been a week now since I was supposed to have my appointment and since my attempts at contacting the company and still no reply. I looked at Wowcher and see that the wowcher has been redeemed which is a lie because I did not have an appointment and cancelled with ample time according to the fine print. I am waiting to hear from Wowcher to see if they will redeem themselves and fix this mess-up but I strongly urge all my friends and readers NOT to visit Nature's Way. Their company's customer service is lacking. 
My friend who did keep her appointment said it was one of the most UN-relaxing experiences ever with the therapist and receptionist arguing in front of customers and them not giving her the entire 60 minute massage as was advertised.
Again I hate writing negative reviews but sometimes the service is so horrid that a review must be written to warn others. Do not waste your money.
And if you know of a reputable massage company in London please share.

12 November 2014

CMJ Media: Spring 2015 Jewellery Preview

Hi Loves! Today I was honoured to attend the CMJ Media Spring 2015 Jewellery Press Preview at the lovely Ham Yard Hotel's Orangery in Soho. What lush collections they had on display! It was hard to choose a favourite and I definitely had some jewel envy more than once during my visit. So without further adieu, here are just a few of my favourites. I hope you can check out each brand yourself and gents - these would make fabulous Valentine's Day gifts and/or engagement gifts... Yes, before you know it, spring will be upon us!
Marco Bicego is an Italian jeweller. His website says it best - 
"I have always believed in quality and in the secrets of Italian jewelry. The Marco Bicego brand combines old world tradition with contemporary design and conveys the typical values and details of Made in Italy. The distinct uniqueness of my timeless jewels can be described through artisanal craftsmanship and imperfect shapes, always made in 18 karat gold."
Everything is handcrafted with precise detail and craftsmanship. The detail is incredible.
You can find his work online and at numerous boutiques throughout Europe including London shops - Harrods and Harvey Nichols.
Alexis Dove - A British Designer - was the next jeweller and one whose collection I was already familiar with. She makes solid silver pendants including the little owl pendant that I was thrilled and so grateful to receive. What I especially love about these pendants of hers are that despite the weight and size, there is a delicacy and timelessness about each piece accentuated by the ribbon chain. It could have easily been worn by any of Jane Austen's heroines as it could be worn today by any fashion forward lady.
Alexis also creates bespoke pieces such as unique engagement and wedding rings! Her pieces can be purchased online or in store at their Sussex boutique.
Endless Jewelry - a Danish company - is trendy and happening with ties to Pandora Jewellery hence the reason you might notice some similarities when looking at their charms. They have recently started to collaborate with Jennifer Lopez on a range of reasonably priced bracelets and charms. 
I especially liked the "endless love" charm.
The brand can be found in stores throughout Europe and North America.
Next up was Sushilla Jewellery. Sushilla Done is a well-travelled lady who has been inspired by vibrant colours and the natural textures of uncut, unpolished stones. She regularly travels to India where her jewels are sourced and designed.
Just look at the intricacy and colours in these semi-precious stones. Obviously photos cannot capture the true beauty of these stones. These stones are allowed to shine and speak for themselves with simplistic but classic and romantic settings. The chains and settings are silver with micron gold platting.
You can look at Sushilla's lovely collection online and they are also available for purchase in stores such as Anthropologie.
Lastly check out the gorgeous 18ct. yellow gold on sterling silver collection from Zimbabwean designer Joanna Boyen's Biiju Jewellery.
All Biiju pieces are customisable and what is really cool is that each piece is interchangeable meaning you can mix them up to match your mood or the occasion. 
Aren't these all such lovely pieces? Gents -- take note! And ladies, time to start your wish list because as crazy as it might sound, spring will be upon us before we know it. And if you are still wondering what to get someone for Christmas and the holidays, all these companies have some lovely pieces available to purchase from their current collections. Enjoy!!

p.s. thanks to CMJ Media for the invite to today's event and for the generous and lovely Alexis Dove little owl pendant. My opinions however are all my own.

11 November 2014

Giveaway: Cracker Spectacular

Do you remember my exciting post about the #CrackerSpectacular campaign happening at Crabtree & Evelyn?
Well - I have a very special announcement for all my lovely and loyal UK fans...
I have teamed up with the generous team at Crabtree & Evelyn to offer my first giveaway in the form of a Spiced Fudge Musical Tin from their #CrackerSpectacular campaign.
The Cracker Spectacular collectible tin plays the Nutcracker Suite melody and inside are an assortment of individually wrapped English Christmas spiced fudge (yum yum!)
The holiday season is upon us! So what are you waiting for? This will make a perfect gift and/or candy dish in your own house.
Best wishes to all my lovely readers...

The Kensington Quarter

What a week(end): I have been hidden under my duvet dealing with the mother of all colds/viruses. But it's a lovely Tuesday morning and I am trying to be productive so to start things off - a post to wet one's appetite.
The Kensington Quarter is a new restaurant that opened up at Hotel Indigo in Earl's Court.
The restaurant is modern with an eclectic menu and decor that has a decided touch of a 1950s diner/deli.
Her Fav Food generously asked me to join her again for luncheon after our fabulous time out at Pizza  Union so we met up for a late 3 o'clock luncheon in Earl's Court at this charming new restaurant.
We started off our luncheon with their crispy calamari. The dish came with chilli and spring onion, tabouleh and harris aioli.  The calamari was just as promised - nice and hot and crispy. I loved the tabouleh and Her Fav Food adored the aioli so it's a good thing it came with both ... perfect for sharing! :) 
Next up were our main courses - Roast Sea Bass for yours truly that came with a Russian salad, lemon oil, potato galette and pea veloute. It was a piece of art work and just as delicious as it looked and the pea veloute was a perfect compliment to the fish.
Her Fav Food got the risotto and gave it two thumbs up. :)
Next up was dessert and after all those beautiful and colourful and flavourful dishes we were looking foward to seeing what was on offer.
We both LOVED the display choices for our desserts. Look at these fabulous dishes!
For our desserts, Her Fav Food ordered the above Delice which was rich, flavourful and looked like it would be perfect for a Christmas dessert with the berries.
Thanks to the waitress' recommendation, I ordered her favourite - the fondant.
It was amazing, warm, moist, spoon-licking good, and the ice cream helped counter balance the richness of the fondant.
Just take another peek... Yum, Yum.
Big thanks to The Kensngton Quarter for their hospitality and generosity. While my meal was comped, my opinions are all my own. And on wards to the lovely ambiance I mentioned earlier. There was a 1950s cafe/diner feel and also a hotel library and yet decidedly modern and inviting.
34-44 Barkston Gardens
Kensington, London

Mon - Fri: 6:30AM to 10:30PM
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays: 7:00AM to 10:30PM
When you visit The Kensington Quarter, the nearest Tube station is Earls Court.

08 November 2014

F&F: SS15 Preview

This week, I was invited to the SS15 press preview for F&F Clothing and was curious what affordable offerings they would have for the cost-conscious yet fashionable shoppers. The offerings were not disappointing. In fact they were surprisingly very agreeable and the SS15 boasts some lovely structured, tailored, flowing, feminine and flattering looks for the ladies, dapper male styles with handsome prints, and colourful and whimsical looks for the young girls that had me wishing they came in my size. So without further delay, presenting the SS15 collection and some of my favourites:
A definite favourite (below) which would go well with jeans, shorts or a skirt.
The SS15 collection has several utilitarian separates. They are simple and flattering with little touches here and there...
 But where it really got me excited was with these lovely jackets that would be perfect for a cool spring or summer day.
You can scrunch up your sleeves and wear the lightweight jackets with anything from dresses to skirts to denim.
And yet another tantalising piece perfect for pairing with your favourite spring/summer outfit:
And in case you were in the market for a new frilly bra and panty set - F&F has many feminine new prints and styles for the SS15 season.
And for those of you who have a man to shop for... you'll be interested to hear that F&F has a new line of loafers in several different colours.
And for that little girl in your life, there is the adorable and whimsical mint coloured jacket that had me wishing it came in my size. Would not this outfit be perfect for a tea party with the school chums? Or Easter?
 So many delightful finds at the F&F SS15 preview -- I'll be sure to keep you posted when they come out in the new year. And of course they have plenty of delightful things on offer now from their FW14 collection including the flirty Fifty Shades of Grey pyjama sets with slogans "Laters Baby" and "Inner Goddess".
Thanks to F&F and Maverick PR for the invitation to the lovely SS15 press preview. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope this small glimpse into the upcoming collection has been inspiring. xx