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ZSL London Zoo: Tiger Territory

Continuing with my amazing journey through the ZSL London Zoo, follow me and my friend to Tiger Territory where four of the most beautiful cats live. No, not the cats you have at home but the largest breed of cat -- tigers, Sumatran tigers to be precise. There are two enclosures with Jae Jae the dad kept separate from Melati and her two cubs (born in February 2014).

Metali (the female tiger) was born at the Perth Zoo in Australia in August 2008 and weighs 82kg.
It was delightful to watch Metali interact with her cubs 

including what looked like an afternoon grooming ritual with one

or perhaps play? 
either way -- the crowd LOVED to watch and shutterbugs were snapping away fiercely
and children couldn't keep their excitement from showing 
Because really - how can you resist the chance to watch these gorgeous felines?
you see photographs but nothing is quite the same as an in-person experience
viewing these tigers (or any animal, for that matter) through floor-to-ceiling glass windows 
is enough to give you goosebumps! 
The territory where the tigers are housed is 27,000 square feet and was especially designed by the team of ZSL London Zoo tiger keepers, conservationists and experts to ensure the tigers have the most perfect Indonesian habitat for their needs. 
The Tiger Territory was opened officially just last year on 22 March 2013 by His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh.
It has yet to be announced when the cubs will be moved to other zoos
So do not delay -- if you haven't seen these beauties yet, make your way over to the ZSL London Zoo. 
For tickets and opening hours, visit the zoo's website.
Really - how can you resist these beautiful creatures?
If money is tight (as I completely understand), consider coming when winter season prices begin on the 3rd of November. 
and remember - it is always cheaper to buy online in advance. 
so playful! I could have watched them all day.
And in case you just have to have one of these furry cats for yourself, they have plush tigers for sale amongst a plethora of souvenirs available for purchase at the "Tiger Territory" shop.
happy visiting!