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ZSL London Zoo: Penguins

Last Saturday I had a swim-tastic time at the ZSL London Zoo with friend Irfan.  The London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo having been founded in 1828 and houses a collection of 806 species.

Irfan being the awesome tour guide he is brought me over to the "Penguin Beach" - the largest penguin pools in England - at both the beginning and ending of our day out - housing some 60 Humboldt penguins and a male Rockhopper penguin, Ricky.
Going through my hundreds of pictures taken from the day out, I knew I had to post the penguins first in honour of mine and my friend Natasha's fascination for these adorable flippered creatures.
The penguins are such playful creatures and enjoyed the oo's and aww's from the gathered crowd.
Did you know that Humboldt penguins can swim up to 30 mph in the water?
According to the London Zoo's website, the "Penguin Beach"' has a 1200 sq. metre pool.
The "Penguin Beach" also has several fab underwater viewing areas.
As my friend can attest, I could have happily stayed at the "Penguin Beach" all day. These flippered creatures are just toooo cute and sweet!

stay tuned for more adorable furry friends being featured on The Joyous Living.


  1. Penguins are awesome, great pictures. I'm not sure if they still do it but at one point you could do a 'penguin experience' at London Zoo and get up close and personal with them. It sounded amazing.

  2. no kidding? how fun! thanks for the tip, Lisa!


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