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ZSL London Zoo: Giraffes

Into Africa at the ZSL London Zoo is where you'll have the chance to come face to face with those beautiful creatures we call Giraffes - who are in fact the tallest terrestrial animals! 

There are two viewing options -- outdoors in the paddocks and indoors in the barn. 
Outdoors the giraffes roamed freely (as much as their confined spaces in the paddocks allowed) and grazed happily from the trees towering over us all.
Bit of trivia: The first giraffe was brought to Rome by Julius Caesar in 46 BC and was called a "camelopard" because of the similarities the giraffe has to both camels and leopards.
Meanwhile indoors, a lone giraffe happily grazed from a suspended feeding trough at its eye-level. 
Aren't these just gorgeous creatures? Are you enjoying this ZSL London Zoo series? More to come soon!!
And if you are just dying to get up and close and personal with these beautiful mammals, the zoo hosts a "Meet the Giraffes" experience for an additional £45-60 (on top of your admission ticket). A 2003 review of the experience can be found on TripAdvisor here.
If you are enjoying this series on the ZSL London Zoo, might I recommend watching PBS' Animal Odd Couples and BBC's Animal Odd Couples Episode 1?