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Flat Warming Party + La Cave à Fromage

Pascaline and I moved into our new flat at the start of last month and just last weekend had our flat warming party surrounded by lovely friends, delicious French cheeses and wines our friends had brought over.  The food and people were too lovely to pass up so I had to share a few snapshots from the evening. The cheese for the evening came from La Cave à Fromage in Notting Hill and was to die for! De-lic-ious!
the gorgeous spread:
 our lovely patio:
 The evening ended on a high note when a uni girlfriend, C, handed out wedding invitations and we girls accordingly coo'd and gushed over the gorgeous invitations and the excitement of an upcoming wedding.
Thanks again to everyone who came and for those of you who want to meet my new flatmate be sure to check out Pascaline's blog at The cheese again came from La Cave à Fromage and they can be found at 148 Portobello Rd in Notting Hill, London.


  1. This place is a very nice place for a wedding and worth looking into. While I didn't have my own wedding here, I've seen the place in all its decked out glory. On a smaller scale, we had our prom at the Banquet Halls. This truly is a beautiful building with fabulous views.


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