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Music Spotlight: Sam Jordan [PHOTOS ADDED]

Music Spotlight: Sam Jordan
Sam Jordan is a twenty-four year old musician from Brighton aiming to make his mark on the music scene in London. Last night before his performance at Proud Camden as part of Johnny Kidd Presents Hinterland Sounds Launch, my friend, Natalie, and I sat down to take with Sam and were equally charmed by his lyrical conversation and youthful excitement about his music.

So grab a cuppa and sit a spell with us as we learn more about what makes Sam Jordan unique and worth a listen. 

Like most young bands and singers, Sam had been singing since he was a child (on demand for an audience consisting of older sisters and their friends) but interestingly enough it was while studying dance at school and listening to Bob Dylan that Sam really got the inspiration to pursue a music career. As I am sure you are too, Natalie and I were fascinated by Sam's past artistry in dance and hope for a day when he might be able to combine the two arts.

Self-accompanying himself with the guitar, Sam's smooth voice and music was just as he described, "folk of desolation and paradise". While Sam jokingly explained that his music was not targeted towards his mum who finds his lyrics to be too revealing, I am certain that music lovers of all age ranges would equally enjoy a gig or EP that Sam was featured on.  There is an effortless flow from song to song and the lyrics are both alluring and enlightening. 

And really who would not want to listen to someone who describes song writing as: "a creative process where most songs are already written just needing to be channeled."

While his next gig is in Brighton, Sam has plans to dive more into the London music scene. Judging based on the standing room only crowd loving his music at Proud Camden, he will have no trouble attracting an audience for his EP and live gigs. In fact, why don't you take a listen yourself to his music (Dean Street UK). Sam has an untitled EP due to be released in September. Do check his Facebook fan page for any upcoming gigs and updates on his EP. You won't regret it.

Thanks to Johnny Kidd for the comp ticket and arranging the interview. My opinions however are all my own.