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Collette Cooper @ SoHo Radio

I love how in London you can turn down a main street and come across a golden nugget such as the SoHo Radio (& Cafe)! Talk about a true find. I am so impressed and delighted with my new find that I am at this very moment unwinding by listening to the SoHo Radio online here

The music seems to be predominately jazz, soul from what I have heard thus far - two of my favourite genres of music. Their website advertises that they "bring together musicians, artists, film makers, chefs, poets and the generally curious." As an MA student (Museums, Galleries & Contemporary Culture) I am curious to see how they truly bring together that wide assortment of people. Will keep you guys posted when I find out. :)
I wish my iPhone battery was not dying or I would have snapped a couple pics to show you guys the amazing place that SoHo Radio (& Cafe) call home on Great Windmill Street. That said, I am going to share a few pics that were taken today by others. 
Photo Credit: SoHo Radio Facebook Page
You walk into the SoHo Radio and a friendly barista (Tama) greets you in the coffee shop where you can get a coffee or tea for a nominal fee and have a seat at several countertops with plenty of power outlets at your fingertips.
Photo Cred: Me (with Collett'e iPhone)
There is this fabulous neon sign on the left wall as you walk in. You can see one of the countertops behind the lovely Collette Cooper, Bernie Katz and the two lovely producers (Katie and Jonathan).
Photo Cred: Me
And the fun bit.. O wait it is all fun (seriously!) - right past the coffee stand is a sliding door and the live radio studio! As I was with the fabulous Collette Cooper who was talking with DJ Bernie about their recent holidays in Ibiza and had two of her numbers played on the radio, I had the pleasure of watching/listening to the duo from a very comfortable stool in the cafe sipping on an iced coffee (Thanks Tama!). What a fun experience. How many times can I use the word 'Fun' to describe my experience at SoHo Radio? Seriously though it was F-U-N.
Have a listen to Bernie's show from today here. Collette's guest segment starts at 51:50. Her songs: Bonkers & Big Fat Liar were featured. 
They discussed her doing a sing-song at the Groucho Club (how fun! hopefully I can tag along, hehe) and a live sing-song with her guitarist at 3:20 in a fortnight (yay!!)
Bernie and his show were awesome. Seriously - his personality, fashion sense (had the awesomest shoes), great energy, love for the actress Jessica Lange, and sweetness makes me excited to see him again when Collette sings live on his show in a fortnight (I will definitely keep my readers posted for when Collette will be singing on the show.  Check out Bernie's Twitter to find out when he is next on the radio - would def be worth tuning in for - in my humble opinion. O did I mention that Bernie's nickname is "Prince of SoHo" (thanks to Stephen Fry)? How fun. I would love to find out the story behind that nickname.

p.s. After listening to tonight's show, I can attest that adult language is used by the DJs.