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Borough Market: Toasted Cheese Sandwich

30 August 2014

Ever seeing an Instagram pic of my friend Mary eating one of Borough Market's famed Toasted Cheese Sandwiches by Kappacasein, I knew I had to try one... So while out with Natasha doing the Books About Town Riverside Trail, we quite literally stumbled across the lovely stand and I had to try and Natasha graciously offered (;)) to help me eat one of their famed sandwiches.
 Look at all that cheese! and apparently it is filled and refilled several times a day!
 Overflowing sandwiches are assembled and put into the sandwich press.
 And out comes a delightful, rich, delicious and hearty toasted cheese sandwich filled with garlic, onions, and leeks on fresh sourdough bread. Yum, yum, yum! But be aware it is quite filling and can easily be shared with a girlfriend.
Okay did I get your appetite wet? The Kappacasein stand is at Borough Market from Thursday through Saturday. Go past the Turkish Delight stand and at the end of the row you'll smell the glorious cheddar cheese being toasted.

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