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Books About Town: Riverside Trail

Big thanks to my dear Natasha for bringing Books About Town to my attention and going on three of the most entertaining and delightful walking adventures with me (city & bloomsbury). Yesterday we went on our third walk along the South Bank. 
Natasha with her adorable new iPhone cover.
Meeting up at Tower Hill station, we made our way across Tower Bridge to the South Bank and specifically More London, a shopping development, where the first benches could be found - with a children's literature theme. 
Clarice Bean:
 Everyone's favourite dragon - Toothless! <3
 Dr. Seuss was next...
 Who ya pointing at, Natasha? O there he is - the Grinch!
 Haha... Not sure why I was making this face. ;)
 Through the Looking Glass:
I do believe Natasha tried to escape down the rabbit hole.
 Next up was Discworld which neither of us had ever read but the librarian sure made us smile.
 A bit away from the rest of the More London benches was the lovely War Horse bench.
 We could not walk away without taking a few candids with the architecture and water beckoning.
A short stroll away at the Montague Close, we came across one of the most loveable bears in history -- Paddington Bear!
There was also a Great Expectations bench at Montague Close that was a lovely scene from London with the infamous Miss Havisham's face staring up at anyone sitting on the bench. 
 and lastly we stopped at the Globe Theatre where we found the Shakespeare bench.
What a very fun and entertaining adventure... Thanks Natasha for being my Books About Town buddy. <3
For those of you who have not chanced to go on one of the trails, the benches are up until the 15th of September. There is also a Greenwich trail but sadly we won't have time to take that one on before Natasha goes to visit the great wild Americas.