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Books About Town: The City Trail

Photo courtesy of Usborne Publishing & Books About Town
 Yesterday, Natasha and I went on our second Books About Town trail - The City - and found some fascinating benches and gorgeous parts of town. After having such a good time on the Bloomsbury trail we grabbed our cameras and headed out for some great fun and new adventures.  Here are just a few of the favourites. 

#1: Katie's Map of London (Tower of London)
 #2: Noughts and Crosses
 #3: Wind in the Willow (LOVE THAT BOOK! and SO PRETTY!)
 #4: Sit Here at Your Own Risk (Never read it but what a beautiful bench)
 #5: Charles Dickens (Love that man!)
#6: Peter Pan II (This is probably our favourite Peter Pan thus far having already seen one last time on the Bloomsbury trail)
And what a gorgeous background - St. Paul's Cathedral :)
 #7. Mary Poppins (Sadly she has been vandalised)
 #8. That's Not My... (This was actually the reason we decided to venture out on the 6th specifically as they were having a photo opportunity at the bench with the popups and optional props. Check out the Books About Town website for further events happening.)
Photo courtesy of Usborne Publishing & Books About Town
#9. Bridget Jones (one of Natasha's favourites)
Fun Fun Fun. I definitely would recommend a Books About Town walkabout and bring a friend. It's sure to be a great time out discovering the city and new books to add to the ever growing list.


  1. All the benches are beautifully painted to give them a look of book. I am in love with this Book about town trail and the best part is its executed very nicely.


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