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Wildlife at Chiswick House

Early in June, Natasha and I visited Chiswick House and I fell in love so when my folks where in town and some of our plans fell through we visited the House and Gardens on the 16th of June. And what a delight it was!
 We used the audio guides which gave a more exacting description of the house and its paintings (versus the narrative style of the guided tour Natasha and I enjoyed) and included a detailed tour of the downstairs and cellars.
 But since you have probably already read my detailed review of the gardens and house, I will move on to the glorious amount of wildlife we came across.
 These birds quite took our heads off when they flew in for a landing by the Obelisk.
Look at our adorable friend, David the Squirrel.
 O but the fun began once we crossed this gorgeous bridge and came across many birds on the water.
 This bird (below) was nesting just below the bridge.
 And what a peaceful body of water it was.
We had an admirer - this beautiful swan - followed us down the path.
 But it was the babies that really drew our attention. I certainly took too many photos but how can you resist when the babies are just too cute for words? Take a peek!
And in case you wondered, the parents were never far away keeping a diligent eye on us.
But go on - have another look. Such cuteness.
 This mama was particularly cautious with her babies.
 And of course our lovely friends, the swans, kept good pace as we made our way down the path.
 An useful display board explained each type of bird along the waters edge.
 But of course we cannot forget the four legged friends who seemed to be in want of a swim themselves, lol.
And how peaceful it was! In comparison to the sunny afternoon earlier in the month, this day was a bit cloudier and much less crowded. So peaceful and charming.
 I bid you adieu now and hope you have the opportunity to make a visit to this gorgeous West London English Heritage home and gardens.
The gardens are open from 7am until dusk every day and free of charge.


  1. Great Pictures!!
    Love the travel ideas in your blog, so I’ve nominated you two for the Liebster Award!

    Happy blogging Joy!


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