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Travel: Roman Baths

On a perfect June afternoon, my folks and I visited the Roman Baths and delved into the area's history and beauty. I had been twice before (Autumn 2005 & Winter 2013) and mum once before (Winter 2013) and now dad was ready to enjoy his first visit to the iconic site.
 Being that it was summer and a sunny day, the crowd was intense.
 Everyone was given an audio guide and allowed to wander at their own pace.
 Inside the museum, the crowds were so thick that it was difficult to move around and see the cased exhibits. The larger exhibits such as an ornamental pediment from the Temple were able to be enjoyed be the entire crowd owing to the surrounding open space.
  The day that we visited the baths were being cleaned that allowed for a unique view of the baths.
One of the benefits of going during the summer holidays is that there are reenactments and tours.
Mum and Dad with our tour guide (below)
Dad certainly enjoyed his visit as did mum and I. And he even tried the hot spa water. I kept expecting him to have the same reaction mum and I had last year but nope. ;)
 Aside from the inability to see everything in the walkthrough of the museum because of the crush of tourists, the water faucet was my biggest disappointment. I understand that because of the season it was not practical to have everyone go into the Pump Rooms like mum and I did in January but still -- not very memorable and decorative, yes? And sno cone paper cups?
2013 photos of me drinking the spa waters in the Pump Rooms:
All the same, a visit to the Roman Baths is well worth a visit if you are in the area!