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Street Food: Anna Mae's Mac N Cheese

Let me preface this post by saying that I love gourmet mac 'n cheese.
I first salivated over The Londoner's Polo in the Park 2013 post last year and this past weekend had the pleasure of trying some of Anna Mae's Mac N Cheese for myself at the Highgate Fair in the Square.
 The Mac N Cheese is made on the premises in large iron skillets.
 There are several toppings options available and I chose the Kayne Western which included a generous amount of bbq sauce, hot dog and onions.
 Are you salivating yet? If not... check out the final product!
O yeah, baby, this is quite a beautiful dish! And a perfect luncheon at any street fair.
Take a moment and check out Anna Mae's website for a listing of where they are found.
You will not regret your decision. xx


  1. Ooh, I was so close ton having this at Street Feast a few weeks ago but went with other stuff instead. I will have to try this out though!


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