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Ice Cream and Graham Norton

Screen Capture. Graham Norton Show on 13 June 2014.
What a fun opportunity. Thursday evening, Natasha and I had priority tickets to the Graham Norton Show (one of my favourite comedians and featuring one of Natasha's favourite bands, Kasabian) and gleefully got our red wristbands and headed off into the sunshine to grab a bite to eat before the 6:30 audience call.
And just look at the gorgeous view along the South Bank!  
Natasha looked like a ray of sunshine with her cute black summer dress and white jean jacket so out came my camera and a few photos were snapped as she enjoyed the view.
 And my first attempt at a selfie with my DSLR. LOL! Natasha looks adorable so here you go! :)
 O and what a fun happenstance coming across a man sculpting a sand creation. We were impressed and tossed a few coins onto his tarp.
O and yes we did eat - and what yumminess it was! We found an ice cream truck along the South Bank and happily munched away on our ice cream ones (mint for Natasha and butter pecan for me). So healthy -- dairy and well... sugar ;)
At 6:30 we returned to the queue and were amazed by the numbers that had arrived since we received our wrist bands.
 The crowd! And these are just the folks in front of us but thankfully they called by number so we didn't have to wind up at the end of the queue.
 And what a fun opportunity it was enjoying laughs with each other, seeing Kasabian play live and experiencing the workings of a tv talk show.
Have you ever been to a taping?