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House of Parliament: Audio Tour

When you think of London,
one of the first things that should pop to mind is the iconic Big Ben bell and House of Parliament.
On Saturday the 14th of June, my folks and I bought tickets for an audio guided tour of the House of Parliament (via Ticketmaster).
The sun was shining and the tourists were out and about - pouring out from the Westminster Underground Station. Following the crowds, we found several greeters at a turnstile who told us that the tickets were being held further down the road. I wish that someone had said so beforehand but I raced down the road and picked up the tickets from another employee before rushing back to my parents at the entrance to the queue. Phew - thankfully we made it on time.
After entering the queue, we were given security lanyards and processed through security (similar to airport security) before entering Westminster Hall (the only room where photographs were allowed).
 Photos cannot capture the majesty and beauty of the stained glass windows on both sides of the Hall but take a peek.
The details are amazing - breathtaking - powerful.
 On the floor of the Hall were plaques honouring several important historical figures
such as Sir Thomas More (see above).
 The Hall is also lined with sculptures and great architecture. 
 Doesn't this staircase make you feel like you're in a medieval fairy tale?
 And these windows letting in streams of light.
 After the tour and a leisurely stroll around Westminster Hall where photos could be taken, my parents and I wandered outside into the courtyard where more photos can be taken.
Up close and personal. Check out this great view!
And the glorious weather with those beautiful clouds. 
 Dad sure enjoyed himself and the great history surrounding him.
 What a gorgeous afternoon! I would highly recommend said audio tour of the House of Parliament. The tour takes roughly 60-75 minutes so allow plenty of buffer time to enjoy the grounds and Jubilee Cafe.  Seating is not allowed in most areas of the tour route so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.
Until next time! xx