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Changing of the Guard

Sunday, after our leisurely walk through Green Park I took my parents through the nearby Hyde Park in order to see pageantry at Buckingham Palace --- The Changing of the Guard.
 En route we saw soldiers on horseback leaving the park.
 But what followed at Buckingham Palace was great -- pageantry at its best.
 And just look at the swarms of tourists - such as ourselves - who came to watch!
And at the hour it began! We were on the left side of the mall and would recommend standing on the right side to see everything in its grandeur. 

 And the tourists just kept coming...
 When we saw the police on horseback moving, we knew something exciting was about to happen.
 And out they came!
 And even more.
 Did I mention how long this post was going to be? Obviously I took too many pictures.
What a great experience! Even if you are unable to see through the gates, the pageantry seen outside the gates is fabulous and well worth it.
For more information about the Changing of the Guard and when/where you can see it, visit their website.


  1. Great pictures which give visitors a real insight into how much there is to see at Changing of the Guard


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