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A Sunday Walk Along the Serpentine

An early morning Sunday walk through Green Park is one of the most serene possible.
With flowers in bloom and no crowds, you are able to enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable walk.
 Or perhaps a rest on this pretty bench, surrounded by roses?
And who can resist such a lovely fountain?
 Between the Rose Garden and Serpentine is an unusual looking tree turned downward allowing everyone to take a peek inside. Must be excellent for hide and seek as a child.
 But don't leave the park too soon or you will miss the spectacular Serpentine.
 And these gorgeous birds are always out and about - morning, afternoon, evening.
 But we were in for a special treat because it appeared to be breakfast time while we were visiting.
 We could have stayed for hours enjoying the serenity and calmness and beauty but other delights beckoned.
 But maybe I will see you walking alongside the Serpentine one quiet Sunday morning.