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Sacred London & 1001 Travel Ideas

One thing London has a number of are street cafes where you can grab a drink with your friends and lazy away for an hour or two.  On Wednesday after work, fellow blogger, Pascaline Andrey, and I got together for a drink in Ganton Street and some girlie conversation. Pull up a chair and join us.
 If you walk down Carnaby Street in central London, you're likely to spot Sacred Cafe at Ganton Street.  There are roughly a dozen or so outdoor tables - perfect for people watching - with further seats inside. You need to order your food and/or drinks at the counter inside the cafe.  The wait staff was friendly and yet also a bit forgetful not bringing Pascaline her drink for a good ten minutes, although it was only a glass of white wine*.

*Please note that if you order an alcoholic drink you will need to also purchase food (crisps in a bag will not count) and unfortunately according to Pascaline who had ordered a white wine and some olives neither turned out to be that memorable and over-priced for what she received. I on the other hand thought my green tea (see photo above) was delightful in its charming little tea pot.
Pascaline Andrey (
Pascaline is a London-based bilingual French blogger who also freelances as a tour guide in both London and Paris. She had just recently returned from a trip to her birth country, Haiti, which she described in great detail -- explaining everything from the beauty of the area to the lack of environmental care concerning recycling and compost and the daily ritual of hauling water over half an hour from the local well.  She also gave me a better run down of her independent London tours that she runs in both English and French on all subjects from Victorian London to Harry Potter to Jack the Ripper. These tours are custom designed and excellent for small or large groups of adults and/or students and her enthusiasm is stellar. Even if she was not a friend, I would be tempted to check out one of her tours.

If you are looking for a tour guide, may I recommend Pascaline? If are you looking for a travel blog giving suggestions for visits to everywhere from Los Angeles to Haiti to Austria, a peek at 1001 Travel Ideas would be worthwhile.

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