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Getty Museum: Spring has Sprung!

In April while home in Los Angeles, my mum and I took off for an afternoon at the Getty Museum. The sun was shining and bees were buzzing.
The gardens at the Getty Museum have a decided southwestern flavour complete with cacti and rocks. Robert Irwin, the artist who designed the central garden, is quoted to have said that the garden, "is a sculpture in the form of a garden, which aims to be art."
 The best part of the garden has to be the views it offers of Los Angeles.
One of the museum's current exhibits is on A Royal Passion - Queen Victoria and Photography which is open until 8 June 2014.  Photographs, on loan from HRM Queen Elizabeth II, fill several galleries and paint a story of how Queen Victoria became an early photography enthusiast and the first ruler to have his/her reign documented by photographs.
One room is dedicated to the Great Exhibition that took place in 1851.  According to the exhibition, the Great Exhibition was the first time many people ever saw a photograph.  Of the 13,000 works on display, over 700 were photographs.

Would I recommend the exhibition? Yes! The variety of photographs is impressive and for those in LA who might not have an opportunity to see similar artwork in London this is a great learning opportunity -- historical.
Would I recommend the gardens? Yes, if you are fascinated by gardens and/or are visiting the museum already. If not, I would caution that the parking cost is $15 per car and that the Huntington Library Gardens far surpass these gardens.
Cost? Free (Parking fee: $15 per car)
Location? Getty Museum, 1200 Getty Center Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049