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Food: L'Eto Caffe

Fancying a girls night out, my friend Mary and I went to L'Eto Caffe on King's Road last night. 
From the shop window, the pastries look delicious and very tempting.  There is also a buffet table and truffle bar at the front of the caffe and everything is available for either takeaway or dining in.
So was the food as good as it looked? I ordered the soup of the day - lentil (£9) which was delicious but overly priced for what I received. Both Mary and I had fresh juice priced at £3,30 and £3,90 that were mediocre (not well blended or flavourful).
 And of course I'm sure you're wondering about those beautiful desserts from the window display. We ordered a chocolate cinnamon cake and a lemon almond cake to go and headed back to Mary's flat for some girl talk and wine.  The lemon almond cake had a delicious filling but unfortunately the cake itself was dried out and the chocolate cinnamon cake was moist but nothing to write home about.
Would I recommend a visit to the L'Eto Caffe?
No. Unfortunately the food is too highly priced for the value you receive. There is a certain charm inside the caffe but you would be better off finding another caffe whether on King's Road or in one of the numerous other offerings in London.

If you have any great recommendations, please share! :)