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Camden Record Club: Collette Cooper

Last night I chanced to hear about musician Collette Cooper and the recently opened Camden Record Club and without any other plans in place, I gladly accepted an invite to visit the members only club and hear some live music (one thing I have yet to do since moving to London). Boy was I in for a treat and so will you be if you chance to hear Ms. Cooper in person or have an opportunity to attend the Record Club.
Collette Cooper © Getty Images [original link]
Collette Cooper, whom I never have had the pleasure of hearing before, has an excellent personal style that is both edgy and retro (think Joan Crawford) that draws your eye before she even begins to sing and then baam she opens her mouth and out pours some of the most beautiful, seductive, earthy, jazz phrasings.

I could have listened to her for age and was delighted to meet her and receive a hug (albeit the hug was because I was mistaken for someone else, haha) but she was so lovely and gregarious in person that I almost wished we were buddies.

This morning I took to Google to discover more about our songstress.  She is also an actress (see her credits at imbd) and has an album in the works coming out in September 2014 according to her Twitter page. One of her songs that she sang, Bonkers, last night appears to be from her album and if you fancy a listen check out her music video on Youtube.

Collette Cooper's Band. Very Impressive.
Collette Cooper & Band. (Instagram)
A fun surprise between sets was when Mr. Mitch Winehouse (father of the late Amy Winehouse) took to the stage with Ms. Cooper's band to sing (quite well!) a couple songs to the delight of the crowd. The Record Club taped a short snippet on their Instagram here.
Mitch Winehouse & Collette Cooper's Band
As for the club itself, I was not sure what to expect from the London music scene but I would best equate the Record Club to the same cozy and intimate feeling at Molly Malone's in L.A. with several couches (very comfy!) and two-person tables. The decor likewise was spotless and chic with an edgy touch here and there without overshadowing the act on stage. Also, the girl and guy at the door were both very kind and friendly - there was no noted stuffiness or rudeness amongst any of the staff.

If you get the chance to hear Collette Cooper or to visit the Record Club, I would definitely recommend  you take up the opportunity. You'll be sure to have a great evening!