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A Picnic in Hyde Park

On a spring day in London, one of the best chances for seeing friends and enjoying the great weather is a picnic in the park.  This past Sunday my classmate and friend, Cris, was celebrating her birthday and invited everyone to join her for a good time picnic in Hyde Park near the Serpentine.
 The weather was in our favour with a generous breeze and the sun shining with the weather being not too hot and not too cold.  If you are looking for a prime picnicking spot, a great meet-up is to the south of the Serpentine next to Rotten Row before you reach the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen.
So grab some food (don't forget the cake and wine!), paper plates and cups from the grocer and let the fun begin!  And by all means don't forget an all-time favourite picnic food -- watermelon.
The birthday girl.
And no spring picnic would be complete without some boots, high street fashion, and a camera. :)
Natasha photographing Mafe in her western boots.

 And because newly engaged couples are just too cute for words, here are a few of the birthday girls and her adoring fiancĂ©.
 Happy birthday, Cris!

xx Joy Michelle