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Thank You, LA!

Well it has been a most delightful fortnight spent in Los Angeles with my loved ones. The surprises were fabulous thanks to the help of all those involved - especially KW, HW and AS. Thanks to everyone who kept the secret so well and didn't let the cat out of the bag. And what a lovely time was had with my family, friends and enjoying some of my favourite places in Southern California.

A few highlights were:

Disneyland for my 30th Birthday with the parents and Heather!
If only mum's back wasn't out. :(

Seeing Laurilee's new baby girl, Hailey Paige!
So beautiful! And of course I was tickled pink to see Laurilee and Rachel too. ;)

Surprising the family!

Their reactions were priceless!

Getty Museum with Mummy!

Made me appreciate British museums and gardens so much more.

Easter Service and Brunch!


My amazing 30th birthday party!

Karin outdid herself -- wow!

Sushi with the girls (x2!)
Thanks Veronica and Stephie <3

Seeing a family of dolphins, two whales and a seal at the beach!

A gift for mummy and me from God.

and the list could go on and on! Lots of Starbucks! Lots of amazing brunches and beautiful friends!

Again thanks to everyone who has helped make this fortnight incredible.

Joy Michelle