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Surprising the Family!

Yesterday, I hopped onto flight AA137 (care of British Airways' codeshare partner, American Airlines) and settled into my economy window seat.  Beggars can't be choosy and so I settled for the cheaper of flights although British Airways is still my favourite with better seats and food and friendlier and cuter flight attendants.  There was a little accident in the rear of the plane before push off so we had to wait while a clean up crew came on board and tried to make the best of the situation.  Finally we pushed off and I was ever so grateful that the middle seat in our 3-person row was not taken because the leg room was ever so tight that even though the plane offers power outlets at each seat for laptops to be charged, there was no room to work in my seat with the guy in front reclining his seat if it had not been for the extra space in the middle seat.  Thankfully I got 3500 words written for my ELE assessment -- yay!

The food on the flight was mediocre and a carbohydrate nightmare with crackers, rolls, pasta, pizza, cookies, biscuits, and candy. The flight attendants were decent but lacked the professionalism and typical good looks the British Airways attendants have.  The main disappointment was that the flight offered wifi (for a cost) but the entire time I was onboard there was no connection available.

Our flight arrived a couple minutes late and we had to be bussed in to the central terminal at Tom Bradley LAX where the queue for border control must have been at least 45 minutes in length. Thankfully I was able to grab my luggage and flew through the last customs check before exiting into the arrivals lobby. Unfortunately the free wifi at LAX also failed me and I was unable to WhatsApp my pick-up drivers, the amazing and wonderful HW and KW, but thankfully a sweet baggage employee offered me his mobile and we made contact before heading out of LA and into Malibu for dinner at Coogies where I had a fabulous southwestern salad and Starbucks where I had my first Mocha since leaving LA (it is just too expensive in London).

Finally we arrived at my house and I got to surprise my dad. Boy was he surprised laughing and saying "Is that Joy?" and then my brother, whom happened to also be home, was standing there saying, "What are you doing home?" Haha. They were definitely stunned. Score!

By now it was pushing 21:30 (which was 4:30 a.m. in London) and I was starting to fade so we drove into Camarillo and surprised my mum, with the help of Audrie S and Kathleen L and the rest of the Soiree committee, who has never looked so stunned in her life. She just stood there speechless and finally hugged me and wouldn't let go so happy was her delight. Again -- score!

So today is a new day and after having one of the amazing KW cinnamon rolls, walking Shadow (my beautiful doggy), working some on my assessment, and catching up with my mum (while she worked), I wanted to give all my lovely readers a fun update. Photos should be coming soon of those amazing reactions.

Here is to my plans for having a fabulous birthday week in LA with family and friends. Here is turning 30! Thirty, flirty and thriving, yes? :D