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A Birthday Luncheon at The Stag

This afternoon seven of the loveliest people in London joined me for a leisurely and thoroughly enjoyable luncheon at The Stag in Hampstead for an early birthday celebration. The food and drinks delicious, the company divine, and the garden patio at The Stag a perfect alternative to the outdoor picnic the potential rain threatened.
The original "four musketeers" (we met the first couple days of uni)
And look at my bag of pressies! Thanks guys for the birthday chocolate, cards and gifts. So grateful.
 It was such a fabulous afternoon that we didn't even realise how much time had passed before we packed up and went on our merry ways.
 For those interested in a great pub for the summer, The Stag offers good food at reasonable prices, excellent cider on tap and a massive garden with cabanas and tables for socialising. Live music is advertised on their website.
Again big thanks to Yana, Amanda, Mafe, Sylia, Natasha, Hanny and Dimitri for all the birthday love! Today was a beautiful and encouraging time.
My outfit: dress from Eucalyptus, cardigan from H&M.


  1. It looks like you had the most lovely birthday, glad you had such a fun time! Those Guylian seashell chocolates are also my all-time favourite ;)

    Meg |

  2. Looks like you had fun! Amazing photos!


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