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Royal Greenwich

Recently, Amanda, Yana and I gave a presentation on our class' visit to the Greenwich Heritage Centre. What a funny tale considering Amanda was able to visit GHC with our classmates and tutor (Tom), I visited later that weekend since I'd been sick and Yana was unable to make it after being sick for even longer.
Was it worth the visit? Yes. The GHC is a part of the Royal Arsenal and just walking down the path past new and old buildings was a delight (perhaps even more so then the actual GHC visit). A stroll through is rich in heritage.
Greenwich Heritage Centre's exhibition was inside a former factory (see photos below) and spacious but unfortunately the text overshadowed the displays and artefacts.
What an interesting bit of art on the riverside? There was no description to be found nearby.
 And yes -- the beautiful River Thames riverside. Gorgeous.
A visit to the Royal Arsenal is recommended by this blogger but a specific visit to the GHC (albeit free admission) is questionable. In particular, I was disappointed by the size of/lack of Great War information despite the website's boast of a Lottery Heritage Fund Grant to put together an exhibit on  Exploring World War One history.


  1. Interesting. I've never been to the GHC, although I love Greenwich, I always get drawn in by the market and then never do anything to learn about the history of the place.

    1. Hi Lisa. Thanks. If you are in Greenwich, definitely check out the GHC for history about the arsenal.



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