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Online Museums: Crowd Sourcing

The fun continues!

This week's research for Online Museums has been fascinating. After researching Citizen Science Projects, I checked out a crowd sourcing project, Your Painting Tagger, that my tutor suggested. What followed was a fun hour of tagging some of the nation's 200,000+ oil paintings. We are constantly tagging photographs and using hashtags in social media so the process is effortless.

While enjoying some beautiful oil paintings, you are able to tag people, places, events and subjects. Nothing could be easier.

You also have the game aspect in that your tagger score goes from "green" to "yellow" and onwards after so many paintings have been tagged. Immediately those in their 20s and 30s who grew up playing video games are likely to be intrigued.
Again, ordinary citizens are given the opportunity to participate in research and help in cataloguing artwork. We are no longer just the spectator on the sidelines but thanks to crowd sourcing projects such as Your Paintings Tagger, we can add something to the field.

If you have some time, I'd highly recommend a crowd sourcing project. Please let me know which ones you choose and your thoughts.