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Berlin: Holocaust Memorial

A stones throw away from Brandenburg Tor, you'll find Peter Eisenman's Holocaust Memorial. The memorial was officially dedicated to the murdered Jews of Europe on 10 May 2005 after seventeen years of brainstorming, negotiations and construction. 
What resulted is an abstract grid/maze of concrete columns. The memorial is open to interpretation and numerous theories have been thrown out there.  A few theories I personally stand by are:
1 - the concrete columns represent mass unmarked graves
2 - the maze is a representation of the darkness we go through in life with light at the end of the tunnel
3 - inside the maze, one is unable not to feel touched by the surrounding coldness
4 - There is a sense of disorientation
5 - Our past can be an abyss of destruction if we don't face it now
6 - there is always hope shining through

For those of you who have been to the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin - what did you think? And for those of you who haven't been yet, I highly recommend a visit when you're in town (it's free and quite conveniently close to major metros and centres).