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Art, Champagne and Pudding!

18 February 2014

A couple weeks ago, I received an invite from Saatchi Gallery to attend an evening event showcasing Pure Evil: The Nightmare Series so I grabbed Amanda and Yana (two girls from my course at Uni) and a date was made. The day arrived and after a very "interesting" afternoon in our very first class held online, we were ready to grab a few drinks and enjoy some art and girl time.
Charles Uzzell-Edwards ("Pure Evil") signing for his fans
Past the velvet ropes, we dropped off our coats at the complimentary coat check, were given free glasses of champagne, and had a truly impressive hour admiring Charles Uzzell-Edward's latest series that in his own words was the "making [of] a kind of 'copy village' celebrating the dark side of celebrity worship" and watching him and his team do live screen printing and signings. The crowd was enraptured and appeared to all be enjoying themselves.
Yana looking gorgeous in front of the "Marlene Dali Canvas" 
Amanda snapping a shot of Charles Uzzell-Edwards ("Pure Evil") 
Amanda and I with our signed placards.
With my favourite of the night. Dress (Ryu by Stella) & purse (Steve Madden). 
trois filles en face de trois art
After a good time at the Saatchi Gallery, Yana suggested we grab a drink nearby so we headed over to The Phoenix which was just as darling as Amanda promised. We did have a merry time being shuffled between 4 tables but the lovely ambiance, cheerful waiter (manager?) and delicious food and drinks made it worthwhile.

Hot, crispy and delicious chips! (£3) -- delicious!
Apple & Plum Crumble with Custard (£6) --- heavenly!
All in all it was a delightful evening with friends enjoying new experiences, art, champagne and pudding -- yum! yum! fun! fun! I am very blessed by my new friends on my course.

And check out the gorgeous purple accents and tinted windows at The Phoenix?

My 100th Post: A Girly Weekend in London

16 February 2014


So what does a single gal do in London for Valentine's Day weekend? What else but get dressed up, have a few cocktails with girlfriends, go to the theatre, brunch and vintage shopping in Chelsea with the girls and eat a cupcake?
V-Day is a perfect excuse to put on some red lipstick (MAC), no?
Friday Night: I joined Kaz and her friend for drinks at Be@One Cocktail Bar for some awesome 90s music and delicious cocktails.
My 1st Vesper… James Bond style.

Dessert -- Strawberry Shortcake (YUM)
Saturday Night: Closing night of Shakespeare's Henry V at the Noel Coward Theatre. Jude Law, Jessie Buckley, Ron Cook and the cast were fantastic, witty and major props to Neil Austin whose lighting design for EVITA was equaled in this production making for an intimate experience in a 872 seat theatre.
Jaw-dropping. Gorgeous chandelier @ the Noel Coward.
A bit disappointing -- the theatre could use a facelift.
Slips in the dress circle @ Noel Coward. 
Restricted view seats; not bad for the price (£12). 
The CROWD outside the stage door after the show; glad I went a few nights ago.
Sunday Afternoon: Brunch with the girls at My Old Dutch followed by shopping at Frock Me Vintage Fair and cupcakes at Hummingbird Bakery in Chelsea. Sunshine, gossip and great company made for a fabulous day out!
My gigantic "My Old Dutch" savoury pancake -- with smoked bacon, chicken, ham, mushrooms, sweetcorn and cheese. Delicious! I only wish I had a bigger stomach.
The entrance to Frock Me. Rooms upon rooms of vintage wears, purses, jewellery. Could be quite dangerous with a limitless budget. I was excited to find an adorable polk-a-dot dress for £10 (yay sales).
Don't you love their takeaway boxes?
My DELICIOUS carrot cupcake.
Back to my readings for uni!

NHS: Brook Green Medical Centre

10 February 2014

I did it, folks! I registered with the local NHS GP practice -- Brook Green Medical Centre -- in Hammersmith this afternoon and what a pleasant surprise of an experience it was!

Upon arriving at the centre at 15:15, I signed in with the receptionist and was given the usual pile of paperwork to fill out which took about 10 minutes after which i settled down with my notebook and earbuds but would you believe it I had not been sitting for 10 minutes when a nurse practitioner, Elena, called my name and I was whisked into the interview room. She has got to be one of the friendliest and sweetest and funniest nurses (made me think of Dr. Saul's fabulous nurse from my childhood) and had me alternating between laughing and completely at ease as she asked the usual questions, took my weight, height and blood pressure. Fifteen minutes later, I was shaking her hand and headed out to enjoy the rest of my day. What a great first experience at the GP.

Couple random bits of trivia: 
* Apparently I was registered with the NHS while at Roehampton (Autumn 2005)
* Elena asked if I could see when smiling (haven't heard that one in a long time lol)
* I educated Elena (who is Filipino) on the "Asian Flush" terminology (thanks Adam)

London Theatre: Superstar!

05 February 2014

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber knows how to pick some winners! I have loved the talent that comes from all of his reality shows including Jessie Buckley (I'd Do Anything) whom I met recently, Siobhan Dillon (How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?) whose singles I have thanks to iTunes, Connie Fisher (winner of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?), Danielle Wade (winner of Over the Rainbow Canada) whom I saw live in Los Angeles, Sophie Evans (runner up in Over the Rainbow), and Lee Mead (winner of Any Dream Will Do). 

In the past week I have seen two of the contestants from Webber's most recent reality show Superstar, Rory Taylor and David Hunter.

Rory Taylor was Roger opposite Kerry Ellis in Rent in Concert at the Hackney Empire and David Hunter was on as Guy in Once at the Phoenix Theatre last night. Both were fabulous with amazing vocals, great acting skills and  after watching the clip of their sing-off for Superstar, I believe Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber nailed it perfectly when he chose to save Rory based on it being an audition for a rock arena show. 

Rory as Roger was comfortable with his guitar, leather jacket and rock numbers such as One Song Glory. Whereas David nailed it as the folksy leading man with his ballads such as Leave and Sleeping  -- it was hard to imagine him being "just" the understudy. And high praise to their respective leading ladies -- Kerry Ellis in Rent and Zrinka Cvitešić in Once. The chemistry between the actors was electrifying and their harmonies and duets were appropriately swoon-worthy and gut-wrenching.

If you find yourself with the opportunity to see either Rory or David, do! You will be rewarded by a truly heart-felt performance and some lush vocals. 

According to David's Twitter, he is on as Guy quite a bit this month!

They also, FYI, have several tracks on iTunes from Superstar here and here.

A Walk on the Southbank

01 February 2014

There is something quite magical and whimsical about London… 
The culture, arts, history, architecture, people watching and opportunities at each bend in the road. So take a walk with me along the Southbank and do share some of your favourite places to escape and imagine in London. <3

Royal Hospital for Children

Sir Laurence Olivier… my favourite actor 

The Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year from London!
Apparently London's celebration is the 2nd largest in the world! Wow!
Thinking of my "Joy Luck Club" girlfriend, Stephie, I ventured out to Chinatown (off Leicester Square) for an hour of amusement. Tomorrow is the big parade and official day of celebration so I was surprised by the large crowds today enjoying the sunshine and street entertainment. Here are just a few pictures from my afternoon out -- enjoy!

And trivia… In Los Angeles it is taboo to call someone "oriental" but here in the UK it is common place. So if a guy comes up to you and says, "you look oriental" that is not an insult but can be seen a compliment or pick-up line. ;)

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