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That Thing Called… Unpacking

Hi Friends!

So it is right now 17:33 in London and I have officially moved into my student flat here in Hammersmith. For those of you who need my flat # for packages and post -- #C408. (*wink*)

The room is spacious, clean, bright and cheery. I have started adding my own personal touches and have made a list of things to buy in the morning -- food (good one!), a storage container, hangers, an iron, a stool/step, and a mobile sim card. I already made a brief trip to the local Tesco and got those fun cleaning supplies -- paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning soap, cleaning brush, broom, etc. -- and enjoyed the surprising sunshine here in London. In order to get to the Tesco, I have to walk about 5 minutes past the police station and fire department and several other random buildings. It really is a pleasant walk and I will be sure to take some photos tomorrow so you all can get a feel for the location.

Right now I have a pile of clothes on my bed and kitchen table staring at me and o how comfy that bed looks. It will definitely be an early night for me. 

Thankfully I was able to get 5 hours of sleep on the plane (maybe a bit more) after dinner service yesterday but traveling can be quite exhausting (no?) and after landing, I ran into a bit of a snag when there were NO luggage trollies to be found in the baggage reclaim terminal. :O Thankfully after waiting about 45 minutes, I found a sky porter who for £9 carted my luggage off to the taxi queue outside where I met the usual friendly cabbie who took me to my housing for £65 (ouch! but it was needed!)

The folks at reception/security at my housing are super sweet and nice and the building is brand new (opened in September '13) so there is still some construction happening but nothing worth complaining about (the workers all seem nice when I meet them in the halls or lobby) and I even had some workers and security come look at the ventilation in my room (apparently it is a-okay). O and reception even brought my luggage up to my room!! Very nice.

Okay… back to finish the unpacking so I can snuggle up and rest. It's 10:00 in Los Angeles and yet I feel like it's 22:00 (been a busy couple of days!). Thanks again to everyone who has been praying for me and leaving comments. Love you all!

p.s. on the plane, I edited the photos Sam took at my going away party so those will be going online soon. here is a teaser. <3


  1. Welcome to London!

    You have to go for lunch at The Dove as soon as you're settled - it's a gorgeous little pub in Hammersmith

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline


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