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Last Day @ the Bridge

O how I love my wonderful brothers and sisters at the BRIDGE. Going to miss them all something fierce but yay for Facebook, blogs, Skype, etc., so we can all keep in touch!

Last week, I grabbed lunch at Wood Ranch with my bestie (whom I met when we were 5 at the Bridge) and her mummy and my mummy. Without planning it, Laurilee and I wore matching ensembles (black jacket/pink blouse) and our mums wore similar animal print blouses. We also ordered the same drinks (Laurilee and I got lemonade and the mums got Diet Coke).

My last Sunday at the Bridge, so many people came up with love, prayers and big hugs. I was soooo blessed and blessed.

And on Monday, 30 December, it was finally that day -- my last in the office.

Karen (who made my gorgeous quilt that is now on my bed!)
Nancy S
JD (LOVE this photo! Thanks man for the great suggestion of going back to uni.)