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Home, Sweet Home...

Wow. I am impressed with myself. Still up at it's 21:14 here in London.

So the flat is clean and organized (for the most part) and here are a few pictures to give you a teaser of what the place looks like.

My desk space (w/ Matt's Jesus' photo & Laurie's Pooh Bear plaque)
My double bed
featuring Mum's throw,
Karen's quilt,
HW&KW's Harrods' Bear,
My farewell party scrapbook,
Laurilee's Pooh Bear figurine,
and cards from loved ones (Vickie, Karen & mum)
My "yellow" kitchenette (with mum's Mickey mug)
- a set of dishes came with the flat -
My dining table (with Misty's wine glass)
- vintage postcards are from A.Gold -
The bathroom (shower & wash basin) 
The bath (toilets & cabinets)
featuring gifts from Misty (Christmas '12) & the Kremans (Christmas '13)
Enjoy! TTYS.