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Hello from the OneWorld Biz Lounge at LAX!

Here it is, folks! Today is 1 January 2014 and it is currently 14:47 PST as I sit here in the OneWorld Alliance Biz Lounge at LAX's Tom Bradley Terminal drinking a beer on tap while tapping away on my laptop. (Yay for complimentary wifi.)

Blogging away with my beer (makes me feel so British *wink*) in the lounge
With the mummy @ LAX (outside security)
So am I nervous? Excited? Hesitant? Relieved? Perhaps a combination of all those feelings wrapped up in one would best describe my feelings. I have been waiting for this day to happen for several months (April 2013… almost 9 months!) and here it is! These last few days saying goodbyes, packing (and re-packing) my 4 suitcases, saying more goodbyes, celebrating Christmas and New Years, dealing with Verizon and other U.S. accounts (yuck! still in progress!), etc. has made it very real but surprisingly enough there were no nerves, fears, worries, tense moments, etc. until this morning when it all hit. You could say it was like a million little butterflies (big ones too) were let loose in my stomach as my suitcases were loaded into the car, I said bye to Shadow, and we rode off to LAX. I have planned and planned for this day but reality sets in and no amount of planning can prepare you for that sensation that is indescribable.

Prayer Requests…
- Safe Flight
- Drama/hassle/trouble- free experience from Heathrow to my student flat.
- Ease finding a bank account, doctor and mobile plan in the UK
- That mum and dad will be able to afford to come to visit.

Now if only I can find a power outlet. Going to go scouting right now. TTYS!

Bit blurry but that's me outside security!