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British Library & King's Cross St. Pancras

With a free afternoon, what better way to wile away the time then at the British Library?
Feeling optimistic thanks to the clear skies, I grabbed my Canon and hopped onto the Hammersmith & City line bound for King's Cross/St. Pancras Station and the British Library.
What followed was a rather amusing ride when a Scottish gentleman in his seventies (?) started playing his harmonica and singing onboard before engaging a few pre-teen boys in a conversation about football (European football). I couldn't help but smile during this exchange and watched the boys grinning with mirth as they said goodbye to the good hearted Scotts man.

So fast forward a few stops, and I arrived at the esteemed British Library which was founded in 1753 and moved to its current establishment at St. Pancras in 1997.  The library is open to the public to view the exhibits both temporary and permanent displays. Unfortunately photos are not allowed of the exhibits so you will have to trust me when I say "wow". The religious, historic, musical literary and scientific manuscripts were glorious. I was just inches away from an original Ted Hughes transcript of St. Botolph documenting his meeting with Sylvia Plath and an original transcript of Handel's Messiah among others. Once I receive a bank statement, I am going to drop in and get my library reader pass (they are quite stringent on what qualifies as your forms of identity).

Their current temporary exhibit is Georgians Revealed and I am definitely tempted… It runs through March so I have time to consider and look up reviews.
After wiling away several fabulous hours at the British Library, I headed back to King's Cross and St. Pancras International to document the gorgeous architecture.

I've previously visited King's Cross with BFF Stephie in 2011 to find Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4 so here is proof… I did not deliberately ignore the Harry Potter connection this time. ;)


  1. Great job, Joy! I'm loving all the beautiful photos. The summary statements are so piquing my curiosity about London...and in a good way. My heart is already longing to see these treasures with my own eyes. Some day, please, Lord!

    1. Definitely hope you can make it out here one day.. xox


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