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A Whimsical Sunday

What a fabulous Sunday -- my 3rd in London. Can you believe it's already been 3 weeks?! The time has flown so fast but I am so blessed and excited about the lovely group of Londoners I can my Hillsong family and friends. They are all so generous, loving and beautiful.
Because Heather was in town, we met up in the foyer of the Dominion Theatre before the 11am service and were challenged and impressed with Pastor Gary Clarke's sermon. If memory serves me well, his preaching has gotten much better since I attended in 2005. I definitely am excited to hear him preach more this year.
The guys lead the way to Nando's.
After service, we met up with the group in the foyer and headed over to Nando's off Oxford Street. 
I had been to Nando's once before when on holiday with my mum in 2013 and remember really enjoying the chicken and was pleased to have a similar experience ordering the chicken fillet in a pita with the corn on the cob (nothing special) and creamy mash (think mashed potatoes - very flavourful). I met another Hillsong attendees, Dimitri, who told me about a couple exhibits at the British Museum worth checking out including this.
Cat, my 1st friend @ Hillsong.
Chicken fillet in a pita w/ corn and creamy mash.
After a delightful luncheon with the team, Heather and I headed out on the town with the original intention of visiting Brompton Cemetery but a last minute change of plan led us to Chalk Farm tube station. What followed was a delightful discovery of Camden's Stables Market.
The Stables Market was chalk full (pun intended) of vendors selling their wares in the former horse stalls. There are vendors selling household goods, antiques (books, luggage, clothes, etc.), clothing (from the gothic to the whimsical), tourist memorabilia, jewellery, food and wine, and knick knacks. Heather bought a hat for her mum and I bought a coin purse & Oyster card holder (2 for £10).

And the horse statues throughout made the experience whimsical, charming, and worthy of a second visit soon.

An example of the fashion on sale. Isn't that jacket fabulous?

Well we had a lovely Sunday. Did you?
On the Northern Line headed home. :)
Have you been to the Stables Market before? If not, definitely check it out when in town. If you have any similar recommendations, please pass them along.