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A Lovely Sunday in London

Happy Sunday Dear Readers!

What a day and for some of you it has just begun!

Hillsong London
My day started with a venture to Hillsong London at the Dominion Theatre (off Tottenham Court Road) where I was greeted by the very sweet and beautiful Cat (part of Hillsong's Velocity Team, for individuals 25+) with one of the warmest and most heartfelt hugs. I felt so welcomed!

Worship was amazing as only Hillsong can be… We were all on our feet clapping and lifting our hands and singing at the top of our voices the praises of the King. Afterwards one of the pastors welcomed everyone and prayed over the prayer requests and shared praises as they were published on the screen behind him. What a concept -- incorporating prayer in the service -- something we don't see too often in churches.

View from my seat at the Dominion Theatre

Finally it came time for the guest pastor to be introduced… Pastor Robert Madu (of Dallas, Texas! - Yep, I travel all the way from LA to London and the first pastor I hear is from Dallas, Texas, USA! :) But boy was he amazing and so dynamic! And so insightful! His sermon about "a formula for a great year" was just what I needed to get pumped and excited for what God has in store for 2014! Man, this is going to be such an amazing year. God is sooooo good!After getting energised and excited and tearful with God's joy (not sure if all these tears are the new Joy or just because of all the new changes and happenings in life) at church, Cat invited me to join her team for luncheon at VQ around the corner.

Eggs Florentine @ VQ Bloomsbury
What a fabulous bunch of people -- all so lovely and nice. I definitely cannot wait to reconnect with them again next weekend. And how encouraging to have new friends in town. <3

And the food wasn't half bad… My eggs florentine were scrumptious although some people at our table didn't get their food for quite a while's time.

Stepping out of the restaurant and into a very light drizzle, I decided to forego my original plans of going straight home and opted for an excursion to Covent Garden & Leicester Square. When I was studying abroad in 2005, Covent Garden became one of my all-time favourite locations to people watch and walk around… It's quite a magical marketplace with so many delightful shops and old buildings full of rich history.

One of the many murals in the underground.
Granted the place was packed with tourists because of it being the weekend and you have to be extra vigilant of pick-pocketeers and the like but that is also part of its charm -- the crowds listening to the musicians, watching the street performers' shows or marvelling at the human statutes in the courtyard.

Tom Hiddleston's poster outside the Domnar Warehouse

Being in Covent Garden, I had to visit Neal's Yard Remedies because the lovely Barbara G from church back home in NP is a consultant for the brand. And what a charming find it was! The courtyard alone for the shop was worth the visit. And while shopping, they serve cups of hot tea brewed in the shop. How quaint and charming!

With my package!
I bought their "Rose Facial Wash" and "English Lavender Shower Gel/Body Lotion"
 I also stumbled across a Chinese Church that made me think of my gorgeous Chinese American bff, Stephie Joy. Isn't that one of the prettiest churches? Europe is full of those gorgeous churches.

And here is where Matilda is playing in London. Made me think of the beautiful and talented Lesli Margherita who is starring as Mrs. Wormwood on Broadway. If you're in NY, check her out -- she is beyond talented! I was lucky to see her in several LA productions.
And now for the official "Covent Garden Market" that always brings an extra big smile to my face.

A shop named "Joy" :) 

A crowd watching a musical performance
Flowers sold at Covent Garden. My Fair Lady, anyone?
Covent Garden human statutes -- this is mind boggling.
So there you are, friends… a glimpse into my day today. I hope you enjoyed journeying with me.