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A Fifth Day in London!

It is a new day, friends! My fifth day in London (how time flies!!!)

The day started on a high when Heather W (whom I met thanks to Misty's wedding shower) and I scored two front row tickets to see Tom Hiddleston and Hadley Fraser in Coriolanus at the Donmar Warehouse for her last night in town (when she visits later this month). £10 each! #score For those of you still trying to get tickets during the run, we found this particular link to work best for this morning. Good luck!

After a rather lazy morning, I saw bright blue skies outside my window and decided to make the most of the sunshine (before the rain returned) and put on my jacket, beanie, and scarf and headed out to the tube station (doesn't get old).

My first stop was Oxford Circus (the shopping hub of London) which was bustling with tourists, shoppers and some very well dressed business man (awwww yes - it's all about the suit, guys.) I walked along Regent Street gazing at the shops and shoppers and all the remnant Christmas lights and decorations. So festive -- I can remember how glorious it looks at Christmas time.

I just love all the historical buildings at every turn in the road… Take for instance the former Regent Street Polytechnic (purchased in 1882 by Quintin Hogg). Mr. Hogg's purpose and goal was to provide an education to the children of London's streets (specifically Covent Garden) at Regent Street Polytechnic -- also known as The Young Men's Christian Institute. And now the building belongs to The University of Westminster. All these universities have such history. Love it!
I then took a leisurely walk along Oxford Street to Leicester Square where I found Agatha Christie's statue,  and met the sweetest man (bringing sets into the Wyndham Theatre in preparation for The Weir starring Brian Cox) who gave me directions to a charming second hand antique book shop.
Agatha Christie's statute
An alley next to Leicester Square Underground
Backstage alley for Noel Coward Theatre & Wyndham Theatre

Speaking of the gentleman I met, I was walking through what can only be described as a mini street/alleyway and I fell in love -- right next to the Leicester Square Station, there is this little alley with cafes dotting the walkway, billboards for some West End musicals, and rich character/history in the buildings. If there was a bench in that alley, I might have very well stopped and just sat basking in all the history/quaintness surrounding me. Sometimes I really have to pinch myself to remind me that I am in London! The rain though kept me from lingering too long and off I went walking to Covent Garden (you'll remember me mentioning how much I love this marketplace in yesterday's blog) and looked in at St. Paul's Church but unfortunately they were closed for new year cleaning. Maybe another day.

A building in Covent Garden
Covent Garden in the rain
Don't you just love the history and grandeur of London? Tomorrow I am following the fabulous advice of Caroline M and going to visit Hampstead Heath and Highgate. In fact I have bought a ticket for the 13:45 tour of Highgate Cemetery. I also want to find Samuel Taylor Coleridge's home (apparently now owned by model Kate Moss). Very excited!

Trust me - the DSLR will be coming out for this adventure tomorrow and I have ordered a copy of the London Blue Plaque Guide from Amazon so I can fulfil a plan to find all the literary blue plaques in London. <3