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A Day in Highgate - Queen's Wood (Part I)

Hi friends from my flat with a very modern/green door! It's my sixth day in London (where does the time go?!) Tomorrow will be a week from when I left LA and I will be having orientation for my MA programme. Wish me luck! <3

Since today was my last "free" day before studies, readings, classes and other uni requirements take up my time, I wanted to get out and visit Highgate -- where the famous lake poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge lived and where one of my favourite authors, George Eliot, was buried. So I used my hair straightener for the first time (thanks Argos for a relatively inexpensive one!) in the kitchenette because yes my flat does not have an electrical outlet in the bathroom (So weird!) and got beautified and headed out for what I expected would be a fabulous day.

I just have to make a quick mention about my awesome lipcolor from Bare Minerals that had been tucked in my makeup bag for ages… The colour is called "bravado" and stayed on all day and kept my lips moisturised (which is not an easy trick in such a dry climate)… 

Isn't it pretty?

Okay back to the day! :) I ended up having not quite the day I had planned on. Spur-of-the-moment adventures into the Queen's Wood Local Nature Reserve and getting lost not once, not twice but three times can do that to a person but thankfully God gave me a positive outlook and I could enjoy what I did do! The visit to the Queen's Wood actually turned out to be a delightful excursion. There was so much greenery, beautiful and magnificent English oaks, and a charming organic cafe where I had a cup of tea before continuing on my adventure for the day. Those photos and that post will be coming tomorrow most likely. Until then, enjoy the photos from this morning's visit to the Queen's Wood. Our creator God amazes me. Does not he, you?