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Happy Belated Christmas!

Our Savior is born!
Happy Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas!

This month has been full of great traditions, delicious dinners and fabulous new memories made. What are your favorite holiday traditions?

Mine include decorating the Christmas tree with our best friends the Walls. This year B & L and Johnny's gf, Kristy, joined in the fun and new memories were made.

To make for a great afternoon, I met with Kristy early for some much needed pedicures at V.I.P. Nails & Beauty.

Afterwards, we all gathered for some amazing breadsticks and tortellini soup made by my mum followed by Christmas tree decorating.

My beautiful 1984 ornament made by Denise Young.
The Walls, Yours Truly and B & L!
Yours Truly, Kristy & Johnny
Love this gal! Good choice, Johnny. :) 
The lovebirds <3
Once we had finished dinner and decorating at our home, we journeyed to the Walls' home for dessert and some more tree decorating where a delicious pistachio chocolate bunt cake awaited us! Yum, yum! 

A new experience was a Christmas tea at our church. Having hosted previously at another church tea and loving all things tea related, I was pleased to co-host with my beautiful co-worker/friend Karen. Everyone's tables were so very pretty.

Another great tradition is hearing the various choirs and groups sing at church during the advent season. JD, our fabulous worship pastor, always puts together some wonderful arrangements and music is such a glorious way to worship God.

And what is a Sunday morning without seeing some wonderful friends?
A, yours truly and Veronica.
Fast forward and it is Christmas Eve! How time flies during Advent especially this year it seems (perhaps because Thanksgiving was so late?)
Must not forget about Shadow. :)
Our beautiful tree and fireplace.
Uncle Dave and Kathy's Christmas tree. 

Presents were exchanged, lots of laughs were shared and fabulous food and wine were partaken of. Always so much fun! Check out my awesome Christmas gift from Kathy & David...
The perfect luggage tag. :)
And suddenly it is Christmas Day! Happy birthday, Jesus! With Kristy over, we woke up early and opened presents while sipping on tea and munching on KW's amazing cinnamon rolls. Everyone was so generous and we were all blessed to receive wonderful things.

And then it was time to have brunch and more Christmas celebrations over at the Walls' home. HW made his traditional waffles (yum! yum!) and I think I ate way too much this Christmas but everyone was just sooo good!

One clever gift my mum passed out at all the get togethers this year was a pack of chocolate digestives with a note asking everyone to pray for me and my adventure in London as they ate a biscuit. *so thoughtful and creative and sweet!*

Oh, and did you see my mum's fabulous Christmas tree she made? #sotalented #socreative

Today, for Boxing Day, my mum and I took off for a spontaneous afternoon at the Ventura harbor with lunch at Andria's Seafood.

With all these fabulous Christmas get-togethers and traditions, there were the inevitable "goodbyes" but surely not "farewells".
Little "brother"/buddy, Adam on Christmas Day 
Uni/London travel buddy, Katy @ Midori Sushi
Co-Worker/Pastor Alex @ church
Former student Jackie @ Christmas Shoppe 
Co-worker/friend, Tara, at the office
Friend/former student, Amanda, at Eggs 'n Things
Cousin/chef extraordinaire, Mitch, at Eggs 'n Things
Girlfriends Lauren & Maria @ El Torito Grill
I am so blessed and encouraged to have such amazing people in my life and to be a child of the King!
Thanks Jesus for coming to this earth as a wee babe to be the Savior of our sins.
Thanks friends for all your love, prayers, and encouragement!

I am here until 1 January (6 more days) so if you see me, please come give me a big hug.